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Mom's and Dad's Program

The 84th annual Shrine Circus is coming to town! You can be part of the excitement by sponsoring children who would otherwise be unable to attend the circus.

For the past 83 years, generous individuals and businesses have purchased Shrine Circus tickets for over 795,000 deserving children. You can continue this tradition of bringing joy to yourself and to the lives of less fortunate children by purchasing a ticket for one or more children.

Each $10 donation you make will open up a world of awe, excitement, and wonder for one child. To put smiles on children's faces and a sparkle in their eyes, please complete the attached form and return it to me along with your check made payable to SHRINE CIRCUS, OR FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE YOU MAY CHARGE IT ON YOUR VISA OR MASTERCARD. To express our appreciation, the Shrines will present you, our child's sponsor, with one of the following awards that you can display with pride and pleasure.

$ 25 - $ 99  - Unframed Certificate
$100 - $299 - 8" X 10" Circus Logo Plaque
$300 - $499 - 9" X 12" Circus Logo Plaque
$500 or more - 12" X 15" Circus Logo Plaque

Download form here:

2020 Mom's and Dad's Program Form

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